Would you pay your friends in cryptocurrency?

How many times have you seen a product posted on social media and bought it?

did you receive a digital currency reward for trying it?

2017 saw a rise in the use of cryptocurrency world wide. This article suggests that due to the fast growing trend, marketers have come to realise the potential it can bring. This has led to big brands using cryptocurrency in marketing campaigns or using digital currency.

As I begin to break the surface of the stereotypical meaning of digital marketing I have come to the realisation that there is no clear definition of what digital marketing is, and that is it made up of continuous involvement in current trends.

So who are these companies you ask?

A company that has caught my attention goes by the name Friendz. Friendz provides services in the field of digital marketing. They have taken a different approach to how they connect with their audience whereby they target their market based on communication with peers that being your “Friendz”. By creating a Friendz coin tool that is used by brands to connect to their audience.

The Co-founder Alessandro Candoni describes it as “The idea that was born from the understanding that people were already posting advertising contents on their social network profiles. but nobody has ever thought to reward them for their activity”.Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.13.12 pm

To be honest, it makes sense, according to this article todays users spend most of their time on social networks watching content created and shared by the people they know. Friendz is combining the traditional method of word of mouth in a revolutionised and digital way.

What do you think about cryptocurrency in the digital marketing world?

Will more brands will jump onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon? is this a positive trend?

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